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We are glad to extend our highly valuable services in your town. Rai Bombay Nasik Dhol and Wedding Solutions is a well reputed Dhol, shehnai and pagadi service provider who not only offers on-time service but makes sure to leave a long lasting impression on its beneficial customers. We employ well trained Nasik Dhol player, Shehnai player, Dhol player and Turban tiers. Our vision is to proffer a lifetime experience to our patrons. Rai Bombay Nasik Dhol and Wedding Solutions is renowned for the professionalism and the gobsmacking performances that liven the event more.

Our Services

Nasik Dhol

Bring pep to your celebrations with Delhi’s best Nasik Dhol players! Rai Bombay Nasik Dhol and wedding solutions are one of a kind of majestic Nasik Dhol service provider who employs the finest band of the nation and delivers its customer's satisfactory solutions. We are the most dedicated professional Nasik Dhol players who have gained over thirty decades of experience in rendering this service. Our firm is engaged in delivering multicultural Dhol services such...

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Dhol Players

A wedding is not a wedding until it hallmarks Dhol. Call it a celebration or some occasion, a party is not a party unless you have some amazing Dhol players to liven up the whole atmosphere. The origination of Dhol is particularly from India that possesses diverse cultures which offer diverse beats of through this instrument and that is something which stands it out the most from all other instruments. Rai Bombay Nasik...

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Make your event a memorable one with the mesmerizing twang of Shehnai. Originated from the Indian subcontinent, Shehnai is the most powerful sound producing instrument that produces a combination of various pitches that are soothing to ears. Shehnai is basically created to maintain a sense of propitiousness and sanctity. And as a result, this beautiful instrument is mainly used in marriages, successions, holy places, mostly on all occasions now. Even western...

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Be it Punjabi culture, Rajasthani culture, Marathi culture or any one of India’s diverse culture, the turban is the most prominent and common feature that every culture holds. We, Rai Bombay Nasik Dhol and wedding solutions, offer our beneficial customers the most amazing turban tying service where we help you in enhancing your outfit by tying the most appropriate and suitable pagadi that goes well with your full and attire. We have the...

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